4 May 2015

Introducing: Womb

8:27 am on 4 May 2015

Emerging local musicians are given two minutes to introduce one of their songs and say whatever they like about themselves and their music.

Womb aka Charlotte Forrester.

Womb aka Charlotte Forrester. Photo: Georgette Brown

Name: Womb aka Charlotte Forrester.

Age: 20.

Hometown: Wellington. I grew up in a forest in Australia called Narnia, and an American town called Champaign.

Sounds like: Hanging out in my mum's womb.

Musical guilty pleasure: Rihanna's 'Stay'. What a ballad!

Formative musical experience: My big sister driving me around Champaign in her car when I was 12, playing mixtapes with stuff like Neutral Milk Hotel, Built to Spill, and Kate Bush.