Hapū call for commissioner to oversee Ngāpuhi negotiations

5:45 am on 30 September 2016

A Hokianga hapū spokesman is recommending an independent commissioner be appointed to oversee the Ngāpuhi mandate restructure.

Sign at Hokianga hapu's Waitangi Tribunal land claim hearing, Tuhirangi Marae, Waima, 16 April.

A sign at Hokianga hapū Waitangi Tribunal land claim hearing shows opposition to Tūhoronuku. Photo: RNZ / Lois Williams

Piripi Moore, of Ngāti Korokoro, said hapū were keen to set up the new mandated authority, outlined in the Maranga Mai report, and begin negotiations with the Crown.

But he said the old authority, Tūhoronuku, was dysfunctional and it was still unclear if it had truly committed to transition.

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Mr Moore said when that sort of dysfunction occurs in other organisations an adjudicator was often brought in.

He said for Ngāpuhi, that person would need to be someone both parties were happy with.

The commissioner's job would be to make sure the transition went smoothly and in accordance with the Maranga Mai report.

Several hapū leaders had endorsed the idea, and it had been suggested to Crown officials, he said.

Mr Moore said there was a new spirit of unity abroad in Ngāpuhi over Maranga Mai and Hokianga hapū from both sides of the Ngāpuhi divide hope to come together in a hui this weekend.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson is still consulting officials and hapū about the next step in the mandate impasse.

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