28 May 2015

Changes proposed for NZ place names

9:26 pm on 28 May 2015

The Geographic Board is seeking public feedback on changing the names of geographic and undersea features around the country.

State Highway 2 (Rimutaka Hill Road) near the top of the range

State Highway 2 (Rimutaka Hill Road) near the top of the range Photo: CC Deano87

Among the proposals that has received media attention over the last two years includes a spelling correction for the Whanganui District by adding an 'h', altered from the previous spelling of Wanganui.

The District Council put forward the proposal after seeking the views of the residents of the rohe, who voted in favour of adding an 'h'.

Public consultation for that spelling correction is open for three months starting from 28 May.

The board also wants to give an unnamed pass which separates the Rimutaka Range from the Tararua Range the name, 'Remutaka'.

The proposal seeks to assign the name to the pass only - not the hill itself, nor to replace the commonly used name 'Rimutaka Hill Road'.

It acknowledges an alternative translation from the Rangitāne ki Wairarapa tradition.

The consultation period for that proposal will end on either July 3 or August 28.

There are also 10 other proposals for name changes around the country the Geographic Board is asking feedback for.