11 Mar 2015

Maori orchard success story

8:12 pm on 11 March 2015

Maori Trustee Te Tumu Paeroa says the success of a kiwifruit orchard on the East Coast is an example of how small blocks of Maori-owned land can be utilised to provide jobs and make a profit.

Te Tumu Paeroa's Jamie Tuuta

Te Tumu Paeroa's Jamie Tuuta Photo: SUPPLIED

The Hamama Orchard, owned by Te Kaha 14B2 Trustees, recently won the PGG Wrightson Land and Life Award for commitment to people, community and passion for sustainable practice.

The Maori Trustee oversees the governance and management of the orchard.

Te Tumu Paeroa Jamie Tuuta said he was working on identifying other Maori land that could lend itself to similar small-scale development.

He said the process involved working with owners to understand what was important to them, what their aspirations were for the land and then aligning that with a suitable land-use option, such as an orchard or farm.

Mr Tuuta said Te Tumu Paeroa was working closely with land owners to develop governance and business skills.