2 Feb 2015

Few Maori judges in NZ's legal system

6:08 am on 2 February 2015

There are only 28 judges who define themselves as Māori working in New Zealand's legal system.

Te Manu Korihi has obtained the information from the Ministry of Justice and the Crown Law office, under an Official Information Act request.

Statistics New Zealand figures show Māori are over-represented in the number of people going through the court system, including Māori aged 10 to 16 still accounting for more than half of young people charged.

There are no tāngata whenua judges in the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal.

The High Court has three and the Maori Land Court nine while the District Court has the most, with 16.

The Crown Office told Te Manu Korihi that there were no judges in the High Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court on temporary contracts, who define themselves as Māori.