24 Oct 2014

Funder supports TVNZ outsourcing

6:38 pm on 24 October 2014

Te Mangai Paho says it believes Television New Zealand's decision to outsource its Maori programmes will give the agency more control over what content is produced.

Up to 40 jobs could be on the line due to a proposal by the state broadcaster to invite independent producers to take over Waka Huia, Marae, Fresh and Tagata Pasifika.

Te Mangai Paho, along with NZ on Air, fund the shows.

The Maori broadcasting funding agency's chief executive, John Bishara, says while the move will be disruptive for staff, he believes it will result in better transparency.

Mr Bishara said he is not surprised by the decision, as other broadcasters have done the same.

Meanwhile, Māori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell believes the move to outsource content must be motivated by money.

Mr Flavell, who co-leads the Maori Party, said it has written to the Ministers of Broadcasting and Finance to express its concern about the move.

Mr Flavell said those shows' hours have been hard fought for and he would be concerned if they were threatened.

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