17 Oct 2014

Turei likely to pick up Feed the Kids bill

8:03 am on 17 October 2014

Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira says the Feed the Kids bill is expected to be picked up by the Green Party's co-leader Metiria Turei.

The bill was drawn in 2012, and aims to set up government funded breakfast and lunch programmes in all decile one to two schools.

It is still to complete its first reading.

Mr Harawira said he had gratefully accepted Metiria Turei's offer to take the bill through the house.

He said he had written to the speaker's office and to the leader of the house, Gerry Brownlee, and said there was no reason for it to be declined.

Mr Harawira said he was confident his request to have it transferred to Ms Turei would be approved.

Ms Turei said she was hopeful the Government would include the bill in the reinstatement motion that goes to the house next week, but it was yet to be seen if it will.

She believed it was an important debate for the country to have.

During Hone Harawira's farewell at parliament earlier this month, after he lost his seat to Labour's Kelvin Davis, he challenged the new Parliament to adopt his member's bill.

He said that if passed it would gladden the hearts of all good New Zealanders.

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