10 Sep 2014

Call for tangata whenua alliances

7:54 pm on 10 September 2014

Academic and prominent driver of Maori development Sir Mason Durie is calling on tangata whenua to form alliances with each other to ensure a smooth passage for Maori into the future.

Sir Mason played a major role in the transformations to Maori health as well as advocating higher education for tangata whenua.

He is the chair of Te Pae Roa hui, which last week saw many Maori academics, researchers and leaders, explore and discuss the future in a post- treaty settlement era.

In his closing address, he urged iwi to form alliances with each other, and indigenous whanau around the world, to create an unbreakable political and economical force.

He said tangata whenua needed to find a common vision that everyone can subscribe to and understand, and said it was important that the vision for the future was not obscured by past grievances.