21 Jun 2019

All Whites coach confirms resignation

6:57 pm on 21 June 2019

All Whites coach Fritz Schmid has resigned after 16 months in the role.

All Whites coach Fritz Schmid.

Fritz Schmid was the All Whites coach for just 16 months. Photo: Photosport

NZF chief executive Andrew Pragnell wouldn't comment on Schmid's reasons for leaving.

"Fritz has announced his resignation today and we respect that and we accept it," he said.

"At the end of the day, he's made a really positive contribution to the organisation. His reasons are his, and we're pretty much focused on the future now.

"He's got some personal and professional considerations in the mix but those are confidential to him, and his call really."

Pragnell said reports that Schmid's relationship with NZF interim technical director Andy Boyens had been strained were not a factor.

"I don't believe so - the feedback I've generally been hearing from our national league clubs and our coaches in the community has been positive, and from staff as well."

A former assistant coach of the Austrian football side, Schmid was appointed in February last year on a four-year contract, replacing Anthony Hudson as All Whites coach.

He was in charge of the team for four matches, losing to Canada and Kenya but beating Taiwan and India.

Schmid said in a statement that he was "extremely grateful" for his experience at the helm of the All Whites.

"After careful reflection of my private and professional situation, I have decided to return to Switzerland," he said.

"I have met countless members of the New Zealand football community, who received me with great respect and true open-mindedness.

"I would like to thank all of them for their trust and support during my time at NZF. My special thanks goes to my coaching staff and, most of all, to our players: thank you for granting me the privilege of working with you.

"It's been an exciting time and a true experience on culture and values. I will always remain a loyal supporter of the All Whites."

The All Whites, who are ranked 119th in the world, are scheduled to play world No.32 Ireland in Dublin in November.

Pragnell said NZF would be looking domestically as well as internationally for Schmid's replacement.

"Certainly I hope there are a bunch of domestic candidates who put their hands up - it'll be real shame if we won't get that.

"Of course we'll get plenty of CVs from abroad as well. Actually, it's less important for me about where they come from, but more that ability to build culture and build consensus."