17 May 2019

Disappointment over WADA harassment investigation

10:34 am on 17 May 2019

Canadian Olympic cross-country skiing champion Beckie Scott has accused the World Anti-Doping of whitewashing her complaints of harassment and intimidation.

WADA has released a 58-page report along with an audio recording of an executive board meeting last September when Scott, chair of the body's Athletes committee, alleged she was harassed for objecting to Russia's reinstatement after a doping ban.

The report found that while comments directed at her could have been viewed as harsh, disrespectful and aggressive they did not reach the level of harassment.

Claims by WADA board member Edwin Moses that he was told to "shut up" could not be corroborated.

A lawyer represent the pair said WADA is supposed to be committed to athletes and fair play yet when Moses and Scott showed the courage to step forward and speak their truth in order to achieve reform, transparency and accountability, WADA made it impracticable.

Scott and Moses did not cooperate with the investigation due to concern over the manner in which it was conducted, noting that law firm carrying out the review had previously been contracted to do work for WADA creating a conflict of interest.

WADA president Craig Reedie

WADA president Craig Reedie Photo: International Paralympic Committee

Despite Scott's claims of a flawed report, WADA president Craig Reedie declared the case closed.

"Hopefully, this is the end of it," Reedie told Reuters. "No bullying took place.

"It's two investigations we have been involved in, they both produced the same result.

"It is a great regret for WADA that two of our heads of committees chose to threaten legal action against us which forced us to take the proper legal responses. Let's hope it is the end and we can move on."