8 Sep 2018

Silver Ferns 'One band, one sound' philosophy

7:22 pm on 8 September 2018

New Silver Ferns assistant coach Debbie Fuller is glad to see everyone at the highest level on the same page as the organisation moves into a new coaching era.

New Silver Fern assistant coach Debbie Fuller

New Silver Fern assistant coach Debbie Fuller Photo: Photosport Ltd 2016 www.photosport.nz

Today it was announced that former Northern Mystics coach Debbie Fuller will be Noeline Taurua's eyes and ears as Taurua works to juggle both the national side and the Sunshine Coast Lightning in Australia.

It's not an unfamiliar partnership. The pair first met playing together in Wellington's P.I.C. netball club before going on to lead their respective franchises - Fuller with the Mystics and Taurua the Magic.

In 2015 the pair united at the Mystics when Taurua became Fuller's assistant, fast forward three years the pair have come full circle however this time the relationship moves to the next level.

"A big component is supporting the playing group when she is off with the Sunshine Coast Lightning, the role is to assist Noeline," says Fuller.

"Good teams have to be unified by a single goal and we want to identify that and go after it with enthusiasm to win but more importantly focussing on how we do that."

Since Taurua's appointment only a week ago and her first official outing as coach a week away her influence has already significantly shaken NNZ to the core.

Taurua always made it clear that in order for her to coach the Silver Ferns the foundational structures needed to change and for the first time, alongside Netball New Zealand CEO Jennie Wyllie it's happening.

As well as getting the green light to give overseas players exemptions, five of the six domestic premiership coaches now have responsibilities in contributing to the international game in all forms.

The NZA coaches have been confirmed with Central Pulse coach Yvette McCausland-Durie along with Northern Stars' Kiri Wills who will assist while Tactix coach Marianne Delaney-Hoshek becomes a second assistant for the Silver Ferns in this month's Netball Quad Series.

Southern Steel coach Reinga Bloxham working with Noeline Taurua

Southern Steel coach Reinga Bloxham working with Noeline Taurua Photo: Photosport Ltd 2016 www.photosport.nz

Reinga Bloxham will have the opportunity to reunite with former Southern Steel coach Taurua again at the Constellation Cup and Northern Mystics coach Helene Wilson, who has always said the franchises need to do more, will assist with Fast Five Ferns.

  • Clubs need to do more for Silver Ferns
  • "These coaches are the ones that spend a lot of time with athletes and the thing I've admired about Noels and her vision for this campaign is that she is bringing everybody in," says Fuller

    "It used to be that franchise coaches were one degree separated from the national team, I feel there used to be rivalries between coaches and a lot of difference."

    "Because of Noeline and Netball New Zealand's approach we are standing as one, speaking the same language and will shift this playing group forward - it's visionary."

    With the coaching problem solved, it's down to business to reclaim a top two spot on the International Netball Federation world rankings.

    A week after the release of NNZ's review it was announced that for the first time New Zealand had dropped to third in the world with England claiming second under Australia.

    September 13 2017: The last time NZ beat England in Hamilton 62-55

    September 13 2017: The last time NZ beat England in Hamilton 62-55 Photo: © Photosport Ltd 2017 www.photosport.nz

    New Zealand will play England first up in next weekend's Quad Series which marks a year since the Silver Ferns last defeated them. England have gone on to beat New Zealand twice since then.

    The Silver Ferns officially go into camp on Monday September 10th.

    "The focus is the Silver Ferns but you always have to understand and analyse the opposition and their style so this week we will cover everything, you can't out-deliver on preparation."

    "I love being able to pull the game a part and work on certain areas where we can drive and lift our game, it's all those little things that excite me coming into this role."

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