29 Mar 2018

Clubs need to do more for Silver Ferns

2:14 pm on 29 March 2018

The Mystics head coach Helene Wilson believes netball ANZ Premiership franchises need to take more responsibility in preparing their Silver Fern players for the international season.

Mystics head coach Helene Wilson

Mystics head coach Helene Wilson Photo: © Photosport Ltd 2017 www.photosport.nz

There is a dark cloud hovering over the Silver Ferns as they prepare to leave for the Commonwealth Games tomorrow morning.

After a disappointing international season and two shock losses to Jamaica in the Taini Jamison trophy series, all eyes are on head coach Janine Southby to pull something out of a hat to rectify it - something Mystics coach Helene Wilson says isn't fair.

She believes that for the amount of time club coaches have Silver Fern players, the fundamental structures should be sound by the time they get to international camp and Southby's constant communication with them ahead of competitions is ample time to assist in the build up.

"We have them for seven months of the year and JB (Southby) works with us to make sure the girls are ready for the international window," says Wilson.

"we have to take responsibility for that. When they are with me I've got to shift them because JB gets them a few days before they have to play a test match."

Wilson has taken it upon herself to implement structures in the Mystics season that also cater for her Silver Ferns contingent that's made up of Maria Folau, Bailey Mes and Michaela Sokolich-Beatson.

She's convinced it's imperative to groom players to peform at their absolute best at club level both physically and mentally if they are to have success on the world stage.

Silver Fern shooter Maria Tutaia playing for the Mystics

Silver Fern shooter Maria Tutaia playing for the Mystics Photo: Photosport Ltd 2017 www.photosport.nz

The Mystics have recruited former Silver Fern players Sonya Hardcastle and Linda Vagana as support staff and have incorporated Irish dance and Olympic trampolining to the schedule.

Wilson, with a psychology background, has also introduced a self awareness structure to 2018 - something former Silver Fern and Mystics captain Anna Harrison is 100 percent behind.

"The Ferns only have you for a small amount of time so really by the time you get to the Silver Ferns the work has been done." says Harrison.

"the franchise should really put in those teachings so that by the time you hit that level, you are already thinking at the level."

"I think it's a shift that is trying to happen in netball? but you have to make sure everyone is on board."