23 Dec 2015

Quad bikes one of biggest killers of kids on farms

9:34 am on 23 December 2015

Quad bike accidents are the biggest cause of death for children on farms in recent years, and WorkSafe New Zealand is urging farmers to keep an eye on children as school holidays begin.

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Summer holidays on the farm were a special New Zealand experience, but could also present a dangerous environment, WorkSafe's agriculture programme manager Al McCone said.

Since 2000, 23 children aged between one and 15 have died in work-related farm accidents - and eight of those involved quad bikes, Mr McCone said.

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Drowning in ponds and streams was also among the many other hazards for children on farms, he said.

"Other vehicles such as tractors and light utility vehicles have caused child deaths in a couple of cases and small children around large animals - there's a range," Mr McCone said.

But all were generally preventable with some suitable precautions.

"Farmers should think about the impact of the kids on the farm. No one wants to keep kids off farms, but there are some additional dangers having them around and it is necessary to manage those dangers."

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