9 Oct 2015

Beef cattle in Gisborne fetch top dollar

3:46 pm on 9 October 2015

Beef cattle in Gisborne have fetched what is believed to be close to record prices this week.

At Matawhero on Tuesday more than 40 Charolais cross yearling steers, which are young males that are castrated at weaning, sold for $1400 a head.

Another 40 sold for more than $1350 and 40 others at almost $1200

The cattle came from Merv and Connie Uttings' farm in Waimata Valley, near Gisborne.

Their stock agent, Chris Hurlstone of PGG Wrightson, said most yearling cattle would fetch between $950 and $1050

a head.

"I don't know if they were record prices for 13 month cattle, but would certainly be very close."

"They also had a line of 72 of their cull heifers and they made $1030, so overall across their complete yarding, it was certainly very successful and the cattle are well sought after."

He said the couple had produced top quality cattle for a number of years and had always been in the top price range.

"This would be right up there, it would be probably top of the pops as far as the total consignment was concerned. They've been well paid in the past but this would probably have to be the highlight of their cattle that they've sold over the past 25 years, I imagine."

He said it was likely the people that are buying the stock have had Uttings' cattle before.

"And if you're starting with a top yearling steer, the sort of weight that these people are bringing them out at, it means you're capable of killing heavyweight two year olds cattle and the people that are buying these cattle are killing to progeny at 360-380 kilos."

He said they are probably killing cattle at close to $2000 so they can come back and re-invest.