15 May 2015

Dairy producer welcomes organic dairy hub

3:29 pm on 15 May 2015

The founder of the dairy company, Lewis Road Creamery, says a new organic dairy hub, will help solve the supply problems his business has faced in the past.

Lewis Road Creamery's organic milk has just returned to supermarkets after supply issues forced it off the shelves for two months.

The company's founder, and a director of the new Organic Dairy Hub, Peter Cullinane said it had been a nightmare trying to secure a constant supply of organic milk.

He said the new dairy hub will provide certainty of supply and allow the company to form a closer bond with the farmers themselves.

Mr Cullinane said a direct contract will be set up between farmers who sign up to the dairy hub and those who want to access the milk.

He said it meant that farmers knew all their milk would be used and if there was any additional milk not required by Lewis Road Creamery it would go back into the general milk pool.