19 Sep 2014

Support for breast cancer charity

8:32 am on 19 September 2014

Dairy farmers are being encouraged to donate a proportion of their milk production to help raise funds for breast cancer research.

The Dairy Women's Network has joined with the Breast Cancer Research Trust. Farmers can donate a minimum of 5kg of milksolids to the charity each month.

Breast Cancer Cure chairperson Tony Moffatt said the average age of women on dairy farms is 58, and those affected by this type of cancer are often in especially difficult circumstances.

Mr Moffatt said it can be hard for women to leave their farms and they are further away from treatment and support networks.

Dairy Women's Network chair Michelle Wilson agrees it is a very relevant and worthwhile cause.

"Fonterra suppliers can nominate to donate five, 10, 15 of milksolids per month and it's automatically taken off our dairy cheques just as our other payments and levies are.

"So it's just a matter of signing up on the Breast Cancer Research website or the Dairy Women Network website, and donating that money through their Fonterra dairy cheques," she said.

"Being rural women, we often have to travel quite a distance for treatment and there are a number of people, as there is all over New Zealand, that are diagnosed. So the sooner we can find a cure and more help medically through the Breast Cancer Research Trust - the better for all of us."