13 Feb 2010

Wool price recovery continues

9:56 am on 13 February 2010

Wool exporters are confident they are seeing a sustained recovery in wool prices, with this week's auctions consolidating the gains of recent weeks.

A surge in demand since the New Year has overcome the depressing effect of a strong New Zealand dollar on export wool returns.

The biggest exporter, Wool Services International, says the lift has been most pronounced for the strong carpet-style wools that make up 70% of the clip.

Segard Masurel, which buys wool at auction as well as directly from farmers, says the lift is due to a number of positive factors coming together at the same time.

More than 20,000 bales were offered for auction at Thursday's combined North and South Island sales and 90% were sold.

Better carpet wools edged up a little more and lamb's wool, which is in demand right now, lifted by up to 4% on last week.

However, prices for mid micron and fine crossbred wools went against the trend, easing by 1% - 4%.

That was because of lower demand from China as it goes into recess for the Chinese New Year.