12 May 2016

Baby attacked by dog in Dunedin

5:34 am on 12 May 2016

A baby girl has been seriously injured in a dog attack in Dunedin.

St John ambulance responded to the attack on Cavell Street in Tainui just after 2.30pm yesterday and the infant was taken to Dunedin Hospital.

Dunedin City Council said the dog belonged to the family, and more information would be available in the morning.

One neighbour believed the child to be about nine months old and said the family owned two dogs, which were not big breeds.

Joshua Clark, who lives across the street, saw the ambulance arrive.

"The lady brought her baby out in distress. She was really distressed," he said.

"Another lady came out got into the ... ambulance, couple of police showed up and we heard them say the dog was gone now. The dog had done the runner already."

Mr Clark said it was really sad to hear the baby had serious injuries.

He planned to escort his little sister on her paper run tonight as he feared the dog could still be roaming around.

"We'd like to know what went on, so we know when it's safe to be walking around in the dark. We don't want that happening again," Mr Clark said.

Dunedin City Council is investigating the attack.