4 May 2016

WINZ office aggressor gets prison time

3:40 pm on 4 May 2016

A man who tried to get into a Christchurch Work and Income office with a gun in October last year, has been sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Mitchell Shane Moulton went to the Linwood WINZ office on 6 October in an aggravated state, after being up all night taking methamphetamine.

After a confrontation, security staff locked the doors and Moulton went back to his car and got a gun.

Security were able to stop him from entering the office, but Moulton threatened to kill them and fired the gun into the air.

He was arrested by the Armed Offenders Squad a short time later.

Moulton, 33, pleaded guilty in February to threatening to kill, possessing a pistol and discharging it in public.

He also admitted to driving while disqualified and possession of cannabis.

In the Christchurch District Court today, Judge Paul Kellar, gave Moulton credit for participating in restorative justice with two of the office staff and a representative from Work and Income.

"The incident had a significant impact on the security staff, but as I understand the restorative justice went a long way and they have accepted your apology," said Judge Kellar.