4 May 2016

Car flees police up wrong side of motorway

6:34 am on 4 May 2016

Police are still hunting for a group who drove the wrong way up an Auckland motorway after the burglary of a North Shore liquor store.

Police were alerted to the burglary at the Oteha Valley Liquor Centre at about 3.30am today and police afterwards spotted people in two cars believed to be linked to the theft.

The cars were pursued through the city onto the Southern Motorway.

The vehicles separated at an interchange and the pursuit of one of the cars was abandoned.

Police continued to chase the other vehicle until it entered the South Western Motorway on the wrong side.

Officers said the car then crashed into the median barrier and the two people inside fled.

Police are still looking for them.

Officers found items stolen from the liquor store in the crashed car.