19 Mar 2016

Eight arrests at Dunedin keg party

9:35 pm on 19 March 2016

Dozens of Dunedin students have been treated by ambulance officers at the city's annual Hyde Street party.

Organisers say about fifty people needed treatment for a range of minor injuries including bee stings, bruising, sprains, sunburn and intoxication.

Ten people had to be taken to Dunedin Hospital's Emergency Department, but none were seriously hurt.

Eight people were arrested for minor offending, largely made up of people repeatedly trying to illegally enter the event.

The event reached maximum capacity at 10.45am today.

St John said six students were taken to hospital, some with moderate injuries, while 43 students were treated at the scene.

The Otago University Students Association promoted the event as 'glass free' to reduce the likelihood of harm to students.

Police said they were generally pleased with the crowd's behaviour.