9 Mar 2016

Jury asks for WINZ shooting footage

11:51 am on 9 March 2016

The jury in the murder trial of Russell Tully has been shown CCTV footage of the Ashburton Work and Income shooting while it considers its verdict.

Russell Tully at the High Court today.

Russell Tully during the trial in the High Court in Christchurch Photo: POOL

The 49-year-old is charged with the murders of Peggy Noble and Leigh Cleveland, and the attempted murders of two others, at the office in September 2014.

He also faces two firearms charges and a charge of setting a trap the police say was intended to hurt people.

The jury, which retired at 4pm yesterday, resumed deliberations this morning, and asked Justice Mander if it could view the CCTV footage from the office.

The footage, which is 61 seconds long, shows the gunman walking into the office, carrying out the shooting and walking out again.

It has been shown many times in the trial in the High Court in Christchurch.

Late in the morning, the jury asked specifically to watch footage of Work and Income employee Lindy Curtis being shot as she hid under her desk. Ms Curtis survived the shooting.

It has also been shown footage showing the gunman biking to and from the office.

Work and Income employees and family members of Mrs Noble are present in court.