4 Mar 2016

Crown finishes calling witnesses in Tully trial

5:26 pm on 4 March 2016

The Crown has finished calling its witnesses in Russell Tully's murder trial

Mr Tully, 49, is charged with shooting Peggy Noble and Leigh Cleveland at the Ashburton Work and Income office in 2014.

Russell Tully at the High Court today.

Russell Tully in court earlier this week. Photo: POOL

He is also charged with the attempted murders of two of their colleagues.

The crown called about 70 witnesses.

Justice Cameron Mander told the jury closing addresses would be given on Monday.

Today Mr Tully was led into court by four Correction's security staff and shackled to a chair.

Mr Tully, who is defending himself with assistance from friends of the court, has been absent for most of the trial for reasons that are suppressed.

He has twice been removed from the court after outbursts.

He did not speak this morning but directed a friend of the court, Phil Shammy, to ask questions to a member of the Armed Offenders Squad who was present at his arrest.