26 Feb 2016

Giraffe makes her way south

6:44 am on 26 February 2016

A giraffe gifted to Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch from Auckland Zoo is on the final leg of her journey today.

Mdomo in the travel crate.

Mdomo in the travel crate. Photo: Auckland Zoo

Three team members from Auckland Zoo are accompanying Mdomo as she travels to Timaru by sea, then to Christchurch by road.

Mdomo will be reunited with half-sister Shira who moved to Orana from Auckland before Christmas.

She is being transferred as part of a zoo-based regional breeding programme, and Orana's exotic mammals manager Rob Clifford said in time staff plan to acquire a a male giraffe.

Orana animal keeper Rosie Pinder, who was on board the ship, said the transfer had gone well.

"Everything has been smooth sailing and Mdomo has taken it all in her stride. She has had some rest and is eating well."

Mdomo is due to arrive in Timaru this evening.