9 Feb 2016

Firearms charges after Wairoa arrest

8:48 pm on 9 February 2016

A major armed callout in Frasertown near Wairoa ended hours later with the arrest of a man on firearms charges.

Ihaka Paul

Ihaka Paul Photo: NZ POLICE

Ihaka Paul had eluded police for 11 days after removing his monitoring anklet.

Police said the 26-year-old had allegedly been sighted in Wairoa chasing a male and carrying a firearm, before pointing the gun at police when confronted. He then fled to nearby Frasertown.

Officers surrounded a house in Frasertown and police say Ihaka Paul later gave himself up. He would face a number of charges related to firearms incidents.

A resident said she saw a handcuffed man being taken away in an ambulance, but police said no one was injured.

Owner of the Frasertown Tavern Paul Wells said up to 30 armed police officers had descended on the township.

Mr Wells said the heavy police presence had cleared in the town centre, and residents living in the cordons who had been waiting at the Tavern to get the all-clear - in Russell Parade and Carroll Street - had gone home.