12 Jan 2016

'It went right up the pavement'

4:14 pm on 12 January 2016

An eyewitness to a fatal crash in Oamaru says the car was travelling fast before it mounted a pavement, killing a pedestrian.

Police said the crash happened on the corner of Eden and Thames streets in the city centre at about 11.30am today.

Police said initial inquiries believed the man driving the car mounted the pavement, hitting three pedestrians, and continued back onto Thames Street where it was struck by two vehicles.

The pedestrian who died was a 67-year-old man.

Two other pedestrians - a 70 year old woman and a 13 year old girl - who were also on the footpath, were injured and were taken to hospital.

All three drivers involved in the crash were taken to Oamaru Hospital.

A local woman, Elaine Bank, says she saw what happened.

"It had gone right up the pavement, two people got hit, a lady first and then a man - I saw him thrown up and he was down on the ground. And the car went straight through and right through across the main road and hit another car, and another one behind that as well.

"[It was] a bit surreal really, because you don't see cars going up footpaths, do you? And it's quite narrow there. It looked fast, perhaps because it was on the footpath where you would never expect anything like that, but it looked fast."