17 Dec 2015

Haast people praised for assisting arrest

8:43 pm on 17 December 2015

Police are praising a group of people in the West Coast township of Haast who helped handcuff a man during a violent encounter with a police officer.

Constable Paul Gurney was called to a domestic incident yesterday evening in an area without cellphone coverage, and where the nearest police back-up was 1.5 hours away.

He contacted a person who knew the alleged offender and who agreed to come and help, and the local volunteer fire service was also rallied.

Mr Gurney eventually subdued the man with a taser, and a member of the public then helped him handcuff the man.

Acting West Coast Commander Iain McKenzie said the community response was outstanding.

A 53-year-old Haast man appeared in the Greymouth District Court today to face assault and intentional damage charges.