17 Dec 2015

Councillor storms out after housing spat with mayor

12:07 pm on 17 December 2015

An Auckland councillor has stormed out of a meeting after a fiery exchange with the mayor over housing density.

Dick Quax and eight other councillors tried and failed to introduce an item that would to give the public more say in a rezoning plan due to be released this afternoon.

Dick Quax.

Dick Quax. Photo: SUPPLIED

The plan is expected to allow for larger, multistorey housing developments in some neighbourhoods.

Mr Quax and the councillors wanted the council to consider formally notifying every affected homeowner.

He said the community was dismayed at the amount of rezoning that is happening without them having a say.

But mayor Len Brown declined his request to debate the issue, saying it was outside the scope of the meeting.

When Mr Quax questioned his decision, the exchange became heated. He said the mayor's refusal to include the item was outrageous, then packed his things and left.

The new zoning plans are not final and will be debated by the independent Unitary Plan hearing panel early next year.

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