2 Dec 2015

Baby's pushchair rolls in front of train

6:14 pm on 2 December 2015

An Auckland train driver is being praised for his quick reactions after his train narrowly missed a pram carrying a six-month-old baby.

Te Mahia station

The stroller rolled onto the tracks at Te Mahia Station in Manurewa Photo: Google Maps

The stroller fell on the tracks in front of an oncoming train at Te Mahia Station at Manurewa this morning.

An Auckland Transport spokesperson said the quick-thinking driver managed to brake to avoid hitting it.

The spokesperson said a man, thought to be the baby's father, had taken a toddler out of a double stroller, which then rolled onto the tracks with the baby still in it. The man jumped onto the tracks to rescue the child.

The driver was able to stop the train about 20 metres short of the pushchair.

St John Ambulance said a nurse helped the baby, who was taken to Middlemore Hospital.

A hospital spokesperson said the boy's head might have hit the track as the pushchair fell, but he was in a very stable condition.

Rail and Maritime Transport Union spokesperson Chris Leigh said it was a full emergency situation, even though the train driver was able to brake in time.

Mr Leigh said it was every driver's worst nightmare and train drivers were always shaken by incidents like this.

It would be standard procedure for the driver to be relieved of duty and have professional counselling, he said.

There were delays on the southern line during the incident.