30 Nov 2015

Court doubles nail gun victim's compensation

6:38 pm on 30 November 2015

A man who was shot in the chest with a nail gun has doubled his compensation pay-out after taking his case to the Employment Court.

Lyndon Fredericks was working for Christchurch construction company VIP Frames and Trusses when a 19mm nail pierced the fluid sack around his heart, and nicked his lung and liver, in January 2014.

The Employment Court found the company did not provide Mr Fredericks with a safe workplace and also failed him during his rehabilitation.

Mr Fredericks suffered from post-traumatic stress and Judge Mark Perkins said the company gave inconsistent and contradictory advice about returning to work.

Earlier this year, the Employment Relations Authority awarded him $6000 but Judge Perkins raised it to $12,000.