6 Nov 2015

Fishermen located but with mild hypothermia

2:48 pm on 6 November 2015

Two fishermen who were reported missing in South Canterbury last night have been found alive.

The men aged in their 50s and 60s were reported missing at 9.30pm after failing to meet their fishing guide at 7pm.

Police said the men were found at about 1pm today in the upper gorge area of the Opihi River.

They were airlifted out and are being treated for lacerations and mild hypothermia.

Senior Constable Brent Swanson said police understood the two men were with a guide fishing the river yesterday.

"The two men set off to fish the upper gorge section of the river while the guide returned to the vehicle to meet them upriver.

"At around 9.30pm, when the two men hadn't arrived at the meeting point, the guide contacted police."

The men told police they got lost travelling up the gorge last night and tried to climb out through thick vegetation this morning, he said.

Mr Swanson said it was a reminder for anyone going into the back country to take a personal locator beacon, and spare clothing and food in case they were forced to stay out overnight.