29 Oct 2015

Doubt cast on Sanford's Hauraki fishing offer

4:22 pm on 29 October 2015

There are just too many fish hooks in Sanford's offer to stop harvesting the Hauraki Gulf for it to work, a recreational fisherman says

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Photo: Wikicommons

Sanford's chief executive, Volker Kuntzsch, said the company would stop commercial fishing in the area, if recreational fishermen recorded and reported what they caught.

Sanford chief executive Volker Kuntzsch.

Sanford chief executive Volker Kuntzsch. Photo: SANFORD

Former president the Recreational Fishing Council Keith Ingram said it would be impossible to force people to record everything, unless the government put a huge amount of money towards it, or introduced licensing.

"And the public have already given the government there will be no licensing," he said.

He said maybe the government was going to turn the Gulf into a recreational fishing park, and Sanford was just trying to gain good kudos.