28 Oct 2015

Fleeing driver gets stuck in heavy traffic

8:19 pm on 28 October 2015

Auckland's notoriously slow rush-hour traffic has helped to stop a driver who sparked a police pursuit in a stolen car.

The driver was behind the wheel of a Mazda Demio, and failed to stop when signalled by police officers shortly after 6pm today.

A pursuit then started at Kirkbride road in Mangere, and the driver took to the Southwestern Motorway.

The police abandoned their chase when they lost sight of the car.

It was seen on motorway cameras going onto Hillsborough Road, before returning to the motorway and passing traffic on the left shoulder at high speed.

But it all came to an end when the fleeing driver got stuck in heavy traffic, and hit a truck and some roadcones.

The driver and a passenger ran off, but were taken into custody after the police helicopter guided officers to them.