12 Oct 2015

Bullet pierces caravan at camp ground

5:48 pm on 12 October 2015

Otago police are trying to find out who is responsible for shooting a bullet which went through a caravan at a campground, narrowly missing a child sitting inside.

The incident happened at the Cairnmuir Motor Camp near Cromwell last Sunday evening.

The bullet - which the police believe was a stray shot from a hunter - pierced one side of the caravan and went out the other side through a window.

Campground's manager Martine McDowell said a school-aged child was sitting only about 30 centimetres from where the bullet passed by.

"It was very scary for them, reflecting on what could have happened if that child had been closer to the crack in the window. You don't expect to come up for a quiet break during the school holidays and get your caravan shot at."

Ms McDowell said it was likely the bullet came from rabbit shooters on a neighbouring property.