23 Sep 2015

Nurse kicked out for stealing painkillers

5:26 pm on 23 September 2015

A nurse who stole hundreds of painkillers from Dunedin Hospital has been booted out of her profession in New Zealand.

Managers became suspicious of Julie Powell when they noticed a spike in the use of codeine, tramadol and diazepam tablets in 2012.

One day half of her ward's tramadol capsules went missing - when there was no record of them being given to patients.

Supervisors spotted a pattern of medicines vanishing when Ms Powell was on duty.

Police were called in and officers found batches of drugs in her home.

Ms Powell argued she had mistakenly taken some medicines home and that she had borrowed some of the drugs

She resigned from her job and the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal later cancelled her nursing registration.

Ms Powell now lives in Britain, where she is still registered as a nurse.