15 Sep 2015

Spectator who abused Fijian player apologises

7:44 pm on 15 September 2015

A spectator has apologised to a Fijian rugby player, after he shouted racial abuse at him during a game in Christchurch, earlier this year.

Christchurch Rugby Player Sake Aca

Sake Aca Photo: Facebook

Sake Aca, who plays for the Christchurch Club, asked to be taken off the field during the senior club final at Lincoln University because of the taunts during Christchurch's Senior Club Rugby Final in July.

This afternoon the police confirmed one of the spectators responsible for verbal taunts and racial abuse had been identified.

Detective Damon Wells said the spectator has provided a personal apology to the victim.

He said while no criminal charges would be laid, the behaviour would be noted with the police, in accordance with Aca's wishes.

The identities of the other individuals involved in the incident were not known but police would consider action against them in the event they are identified, Mr Wells said.

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