4 Sep 2015

Cathedral restoration group remains optimistic

6:19 am on 4 September 2015

Proponents of restoring Christchurch Cathedral are confident a Government-appointed mediator will agree with their side of the argument.

Christchurch cathedral.

The fate of Christchurch Cathedral remains undecided. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The Government has waded into the long-running dispute between the Anglican church, that wants to demolish the badly damaged cathedral and replace it with a new building, and those who want to restore it.

The Government is hopeful of reaching a resolution by Christmas.

Co-chair of the Great Christchurch Building Trust, Jim Anderton, said the Government's involvement is a break through and something the trust had been looking for from the beginning.

He said all of the engineering evidence supports restoring the cathedral.

Church spokesperson Reverend Jayson Rhodes said while the cathedral was a symbol for the whole city, people also needed a place to worship.

He was also hopeful a resolution could be reached by Christmas but said ultimately the fate of the cathedral rested with the Church Property Trustees and no-one else.