11 Aug 2015

Cenotaph desecration 'deeply offensive'

2:41 pm on 11 August 2015

A Hamilton man who holds white supremacist views has been sentenced to community service and supervision for desecrating the cenotaph in the city with anti-Jewish slogans and swastikas.

The cenotaph at Memorial Park, Hamilton

The cenotaph at Memorial Park, Hamilton Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-3.0

The graffiti was stencilled and painted on the cenotaph in Memorial Park in February just hours before a service to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Craig David Miller was sentenced in the Hamilton District Court today to two years of intensive supervision and 200 hours of community work, and ordered to pay the Hamilton City Council $2000 in reparation.

Judge David Wilson told Miller the words and symbols he used were deeply offensive, not only to the Jewish community but to all citizens of Hamilton.

He said he would keep a close eye on Miller's progress through three-monthly reports.