25 Jul 2015

Hundreds stranded as fog disrupts Auckland flights

2:41 pm on 25 July 2015

Hundreds of passengers have been left stranded at Auckland Airport due to heavy fog that has affected dozens of flights, while some face a 12 hour wait, or longer, for another flight out of the city.

The fog has now lifted over the city but its impact is still being felt as hundreds of passengers face long waits.

31 regional flights have been cancelled and 12 have been delayed.

Air New Zealand passengers due to fly to Keri Keri today will be put on buses instead.

Some passengers who have been at the airport since 4:30 am today have been told they will have to wait until 4 pm to get their flight to Napier.

Other passengers have had their flights re-booked for tomorrow.

Yvonne Hamilton, a traveller who flew in from Las Vegas early this morning, said many passengers were facing long delays and queues to rebook their flights.

"At the moment, we haven't been cnacelled, we've just been delayed - so fingers crossed we can actually make it onboard. There are queues - there's been a few people lining up and complaining.

"We've got the app which tells us updates, so we've just stayed away from that."