14 Jul 2015

Aucklanders to get rates rise news tomorrow

7:59 pm on 14 July 2015

The Auckland Council is defending spending about $90,000 to tell the worst hit residential property-owners about rates rises.

A database is due to go live on the Auckland Council's website tomorrow, which will show Aucklanders how much their new rates will be.

10,000 households face increases of more than $1000 a year, with an average residential rates rise of 9.9 percent.

The rises are due to revaluations, the end of transitional capping arrangements and the new transport levy.

Those with the biggest increases have already received a letter or phone call from the council, which intends to make about 12,000 calls, and send about 77,000 letters, altogether.

General Manager of Financial Plan, Policy and Budget, Matthew Walker, said the council dio not think awareness of options was high.

Mr Walker said the options were more frequent payments, a rebate for those on low income, and a rates postponement.

New rates notices will be sent out next month.