16 Jun 2015

Puffer jacket ban prompts petition

5:47 pm on 16 June 2015

Students at Motueka High School are fighting for the right to wear puffer jackets to school.

Motueka High School student Jennifer Guthrie, in her puffer jacket

Motueka High School student Jennifer Guthrie, in her puffer jacket Photo: Supplied

A petition set up by student Jennifer Guthrie six days ago urges the school's board of trustees to lift a ban on the jackets.

The petition, which has more than 400 signatures, states students are wearing the jackets to school because of the cold weather but having them confiscated because they are not part of the school uniform.

As well, the current uniform options were expensive, poorly made and not warm enough, it states.

Jennifer said it is freezing at this time of the year so students should have more options.

"I never said there was a ban on puffer jackets but people are getting them confiscated and detentions for wearing them."

The jackets did not have to be a part of the uniform but students should have more options, she said.

"The heaters get turned off in the classrooms before lunch-time, then we are cold for the rest of the day.

"The jerseys, in my opinion, are useless (and) a lot of people agree they are not suitable for winter. If you wear the whole school uniform together it is okay but it is still cold."

Jennifer said the school was aware students wanted to be able to wear puffer jackets and rejected the suggestion they were simply a fashion statement.

"No, I reckon that is ridiculous. They were in fashion five years ago, they will be in another five years. They're just practical as well."

Jennifer hoped to get the chance to talk to the school's board of trustees about the petition tomorrow.