26 May 2015

Police investigate wild bus ride

4:36 pm on 26 May 2015

A bus trip home for some west Auckland teenagers has been described as so bad that some chose to jump from the moving vehicle.

Joop Van Herk said her 15-year-old was on the double decker bus yesterday, and he told her that children were pressing the emergency button and trying to get off.

Ms Van Herk said the driver did not stop at the usual places, and just drove straight to Huia.

She said the children were trying to persuade him to drive sensibly.

"Children started to panic and started to cry, and kids wanted to get off the bus, and pushed the emergency buttons, and some kids jumped off the bus."

She said when the bus arrived at Huia, most of the children flooded off with their parents waiting after they had contacted them on their mobile phones during the trip.

The police said they are investigating the bus ride that one student has described as like being driven by a "psychopath".

Green Bay High School's principal Morag Hutchinson said it received several reports about the trip, including one that a student's foot may have been run over.

She said students were being interviewed about the incident today.

She said about 60 students from Green Bay High School and Glen Eden Intermediate School were on the bus.

The bus service was provided by Richies, who said the usual bus driver was away.