30 Apr 2015

CCC calls for control of public transport

5:42 pm on 30 April 2015

Christchurch City Councillors say if non-democratic leadership of the Canterbury Regional Council continues, they should gain control over city's public transport system.

The new bus card is intended to be hacker-proof.

The new bus card is intended to be hacker-proof. Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

Councillors this morning unanimously endorsed a submission to the Ministry for the Environment about the regional council review, calling for a return of elections.

The Government sacked the regional councillors in 2010 and replaced them with Government- appointed commissioners because of concerns about the council's failure to bring in a water management plan.

The Government announced last month a mixed governance model for the regional council, made up of seven elected members and six appointed commissioners.

The city council's submission outlines concerns that only one option was put forward, and states if the mixed model goes ahead, the city council should gain control over the city's bus system.

Deputy mayor, Vicky Buck, said having a rural authority that was only half-elected determining where public transport goes was absurd.

Ms Buck said the city council invested in roads, footpaths and public transport infrastructure, so it would make sense for them to control the buses.

Submissions on the review close tomorrow.