7 Apr 2015

Public warned not to approach escaped pair

8:23 pm on 7 April 2015

Police say two men who scaled a fence to escape from a health centre in Hamilton have a history of violence and should not be approached.

Benjamin Manuel and Morgan Haimora-Smith.

Benjamin Manuel and Morgan Haimora-Smith. Photo: Supplied

Waikato police say Benjamin Manuel and Morgan Hamiora-Smith escaped from the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre on Selwyn Street last night by jumping a fence.

They were spotted walking down Selwyn, and then Alison Streets, carrying red school backpacks.

Waikato police communications manager Andrew McAlley warned drivers that the pair intended to hitchhike out of the city.

"They do have a history of violence, it's an unusual step for us to take to publicise these names, but we believe their history is such that the public should be wary of them.

"And we'd be particularly worried about people picking up hitchhikers."

Waikato DHB said the pair got through a security door into the courtyard and used outdoor furniture to scale the fence.

The DHB's chief executive Dr Nigel Murray said he intended to launch an external review of the service immediately.

Manuel was described as a Maori of medium build about 172cm tall while Hamiora-Smith is Maori of medium build and about 180cm tall.