3 Apr 2015

'Drag strip' driver clocked at 150km/h

10:54 am on 3 April 2015

A driver spotted doing 150 kilometres an hour on a busy road south of Dunedin has told police she was sick of being in a line of cars which were travelling too slowly.

The patrol clocked the car going at 150 km/h.

The patrol clocked the car going at 150 km/h. Photo: NZ POLICE

A police patrol noticed the car overtaking seven other vehicles in a passing lane on State Highway 1 near Dunedin Airport about 7pm last night.

They stopped the car after it turned off the main road and say the 28-year-old driver admitted speeding because she was sick of waiting in line.

The Queenstown woman's husband and two young children were with her in the car, which police said was unlicensed.

She was also driving on an expired graduated licence. Her licence was suspended for 28 days and she was issued with a speeding ticket.

Police said motorists should remember passing lanes were not an open road drag strip and they should overtake at a safe speed, and not above the 100 km/h speed limit. They are enforcing a reduced speed tolerance for the Easter weekend and will ticket those caught driving 4 km/h or more above the speed limit.