18 Mar 2015

Police search for missing boy

9:54 am on 18 March 2015

Police in Invercargill are concerned about the state of mind of a 64-year-old man believed to have taken his stepson from school in breach of a parenting order.

Mike Zhao-Beckenridge

Mike Zhao-Beckenridge Photo: SUPPLIED

Michael Zhao-Beckenridge has been missing since last Friday and police believe he is with his estranged stepfather, John Beckenridge, who in breach of a parenting order.

Detective Sergeant Mark McCloy told Morning Report he was worried about the welfare of both the 11-year-old boy and Mr Beckenridge.

"John's obviously backed into a bit of a corner and he's done something that's completely out of character, so I do have concerns for them."

Police said Mike Zhao-Beckenridge was not at school when his mother went to pick him up on Friday, and it is believed he had left about lunchtime.

Detective Sergeant McCloy the boy had been away from his home for a long period of time and police want to confirm where he is and that he is safe.

"We are very keen to see him reunited with his mother and to ensure that he's safe," he said.

Mr McCloy said Mr Beckenridge had been in the boy's life for some years, but the mother has sole custody.

"It's a bit unusual that they haven't been in touch with family and or friends," he said.

Police said the pair could be anywhere in New Zealand and are thought to be travelling in a dark blue Volkswagen Touareg, registration number DUY263.

Mike Beckenridge is 1.65m tall, solid build and of Asian descent.

John Beckenridge is also known as John Robert Lundh, Knut Goran Roland Lundh, or John Bradford. He is 1.75m, of medium build and of Swedish descent.