21 Feb 2015

Auckland mayor defends contract

5:16 pm on 21 February 2015

Auckland's mayor has today been briefed on a decision by the council development arm Ateed to create a special contract for a former executive now living in London.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown

Auckland Mayor Len Brown Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Ateed said Grant Jenkins, who resigned last year and moved his family back to England, is on a 12-month pilot contract with an aim to try to attract investment and jobs to Auckland.

Mayor Len Brown was unaware of Mr Jenkins' new job, but Ateed's chief executive, Brett O'Reilly said it was unusual to go into operational detail with the mayor.

However, Mr O'Reilly said Mr Brown was aware of Ateed's offshore investment aspirations.

In a statement this afternoon, the mayor said he had now been fully briefed and supported the appointment saying the council must take advantage of opportunities presented to it.

Mr Brown said he regularly met investors attracted through such activities.