19 Jan 2015

Quake-prone government housing now in use

11:55 am on 19 January 2015

Housing New Zealand says 81 of its quake-prone properties in Christchurch are back in use.

Housing damaged by the Christchurch earthquake

Housing damaged by the Christchurch earthquake Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Earthquake recovery programme manager Paul Commons said the properties had been assessed, strengthened and re-tenanted.

He said about $6.5 million was spent, which worked out at an average of $80,000 dollars a home.

Mr Commons said by the end of this year up to 5,000 quake-damaged properties in Christchurch will have been repaired and up to 700 new homes built.

Housing New Zealand said all of its properties around the country were assessed after the Canterbury earthquakes.