15 Jan 2015

Rugby player's trial nears end

6:48 pm on 15 January 2015

Jurors hearing the case of an Auckland Blues winger and his brother accused of taking part in a bar brawl will hear the judge sum up tomorrow morning before retiring to consider their verdicts.

George Moala

George Moala (pictured) and his brother Siua have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Photo: Photosport

George Moala and his brother Siua have denied charges of assault with intent to injure and assault.

The pair are on trial at the Auckland District Court.

The jury heard closing statements from lawyers for the Crown and defence today.

Crown prosecutor Josh Shaw said the men were on attack, not defence, and the fight was about retaliation.

Mr Shaw said evidence from witnesses put both brothers in the thick of the action.

But Paul Wicks QC, acting for George Moala, said one of those witnesses was completely unreliable and had changed his story.

Siua Moala's lawyer, Mina Wharepouri, said his client was acting in defence of his younger brother.