16 Jul 2014

Parking woes at Christchurch Hospital

9:54 pm on 16 July 2014

A shortage of parking in and around Christchurch Hospital is causing headaches for staff and patients and some patients have reportedly missed their surgery as a result.

The Canterbury District Health Board's website says providing adequate parking at the hospital has always been a challenge and will become more difficult when the development of the Acute Services Building begins later this year.

One nurse at the hospital, who only wants to be named as Francis, said on Wednesday that families of patients often complain and she knows of some people who have missed their surgeries or their children's operations because of the problem.

She said people are told if they park illegally in certain situations they can get out of the fines, but she says that's not the point and people still worry when they can't find a park.

Park and ride option

Canterbury District Health Board member Aaron Keown said management is looking into options for other parking in and around the hospital, including a park-and-ride system.

He said several organisations involved in nearby projects do not meet regularly and there is no overall coordination of transport in the area.

Mr Keown said the lack of parking combined with forthcoming road works and transport plans will make the situation disastrous.

The main entrance of Christchurch Hospital

The main entrance of Christchurch Hospital Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski